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Daily Profit Upto 1.5% On Each Plan

Direct Referral Commission 6%

Binary Referral Commission 8%

Binary Referral Commission 1%


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About Asset Management

Our Asset Management refers to handling funds of clients by giving proper direction, investing and planning and providing a higher return an investor by minimizing the risk of losing their capital the Forex and Crypto Trading market. By investing in our Asset Management our team of expert professional generates profits for you by utilizing them into Forex & Crypto trade, moreover, You will be liable to get only Stable Profits upto 1.5% on daily basis, Minus policy is not followed in this plan, which means this plan covers profits and stable investment solution for you.

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Direct Referral

6% Commission on each Direct Client

Direct referral is another exciting offer from Bitfreezy, in which you will get a commission every time you introduce or bring a new investor in the platform. So, the more you bring the new investor, the more you will get the commission.

Binary Referral Program

8% Commission for first 100 Levels

1% Commission from 100th level and so on

Binary Referral Commission is a system designed to earn extra profits rather than your investment. In this system, the commission is distributed according to the each level of your referred clients on which you are standing. The commission percentage varies from level to level.

Investment Packages

Finally, you have access to investing opportunity that is made for reliability, security and regular ultra-wealth system. We connect you to fixed-income alternative investments in our Assets Management program with a number of investment packages, which comes with regular profits on daily basis upto 1.5% in every plan you purchase from bitfreezy.

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We are driven to do the best job possible. We pride ourselves on cultivating an everlasting relationship with clients that is built on trust with honor and respect.

Our clients include many of the world’s best-performing and most admired investment companies from financial sectors as well as retail traders and introducing brokers that get benefits by introducing clients from their network.

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Bitfreezy has designed the whole process in such an easy and friendly way that even a beginner having no experience can invest and earn the profit within no time with minimum efforts.


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