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The Bitfreezy Financial LLC’s IB program is designed to offer individuals and corporate clients an opportunity to earn ongoing revenue from the trading activity of their clients.

Because we value the business that you bring, we reward IBs with some of the best rebates in the industry. Our IBs also tend to earn more than they would with other brokers by leveraging our strong brand reputation, award winning customer service, transparent IB reporting, as well as superior IB infrastructure.

Become a Bitfreezy’s IB today and unlock access to higher rebates.

Account Types Standard Pro DMA
IB Rebates $10 $3 $0

The advantage of becoming an IB with Bitfreezy

As a Bitfreezy IB, on top of generous rebates and outstanding customer service, you’re gaining the support of a market leader by partnering with a leading recognised and trusted brand.

We offer all our IBs complete transparency through our IB portal, where you receive total visibility of your accounts and customisable reporting, enabling you to keep track of rebates in real-time as well as the ability to view information about clients’ trading activity.

Take advantage of our generous rebates and second-to-none service by becoming a Bitfreezy IB.

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